Although the original windsor chair was designed over 200 years ago, it is still perhaps the best ergonomically designed solid seat chair ever built. We have taken the basic design and tried to improve on elegance and comfort where possible.

Our solid maple or cherry seat is deeply carved for extreme comfort, ( this hand carving takes far longer in solid hardwood than it does in pine, a softwood that is traditionally used for windsor chairs ). Our legs are made out of thicker stock than the norm to produce a wider turning in the middle, tapering to an elegant point at the base of the leg.

All legs are mortised and tenoned through the seat and wedged for extra durability. We also do the same with the arm support turnings. This produces a beautiful feature on our naturally finished or stained chairs. ( Painted chairs are made in the same way but the wedge cannot be seen due to the paint ). In addition the arms are pinned top and bottom for "belt and suspender" construction.

*Feel the weight of our chairs if you need further convincing. Our chairs are available in solid cherry, tiger maple or maple with two color antique painted finish.

Continuous Arm And Side Chairs

Tiger Maple Windsor

Cherry Windsor

Black Windsor

Green Windsor

Black Windsor With Tiger Maple Seat