All four sides of our drawers are 3/4 inch thick and dovetailed. We use no secondary woods.(Secondary woods are less expensive than the wood type used on the face of the drawer. The large majority of furniture manufacturers use secondary woods and also reduce the thickness of the sides and backs of the drawers to 1/2 inch in an effort to reduce cost).

When crafting furniture such as the serving table that have more than one drawer, we cut out all the drawer fronts in continuous sections from the same piece of rough lumber. They are then numbered, planed and dovetailed. After the drawers are glued and assembled, they are placed in the frame with the fronts in the same order as cut in the rough lumber. This ensures that the grain pattern remains continuous along the length of the piece.

We are not finished yet! Each drawer is then meticulously sanded until the gap around the drawer is 3/32 inch thick. Our tolerances are very precise unlike most furniture on the market today. We are passionate about our drawer construction, a feeling that we believe is seen in the finished piece.